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Hello maKoti, Mkhwenyana, Family!

Sizwile! We have heard!
Traditional wedding preparations can be a nightmare…not anymore.

Koti Traditional Wedding Specialists was founded and established early 2016. We have a simple idea and vision to bring some order to chaos, stress and confusion surrounding traditional wedding preparations. Operating as a small family business based in Durban, we took time to understand the need by running a few pilots. When our first pilot bride entrusted us with her list and saved more than 20% of her meticulously planned budget, we knew we were onto something.

We are focused on reinventing a traditional industry, knowing it will be tough, and are also motivated by the fact that as we grow; informal, gifted creators and suppliers will grow and the people we serve will perhaps enjoy organizing one of the most important days of their life.

As an aside; we call ourselves Koti as we all know who the day is about (not joking) but are not exclusive in any way. Mkhwenyana, you are most welcome to use our services, we are sure we can help you!

We have evolved from an on-call service to an online platform - creating a marketplace and one stop shop. We are all about saving reputation, effort, money, time and travel.

Our vision is rather simple:
To take the load off every Koti (and groom) by completely renovating and reinventing the traditional wedding industry in Africa.

Our mission is to:

  • Be the first point of contact and best source of wedding services and product supplier in South Africa.
  • Provide the most brilliant, convenient and trusted products and services possible.
  • Become a formidable force in Africa and the world as a multi billion-rand organisation, creating thousands of jobs and elevation suppliers and entrepreneurs.

Our values are a core part of who we are. We are relentless in our belief in:
God is our CEO | Empowerment | Brilliant Customer Service | Innovation | Authenticity | Serious Fun


Our Heart – We grow, they grow


We want to develop, elevate and inspire suppliers/young entrepreneurs. As we grow, they grow. We will do this through our normal business operations as well as through focused investment on existing or start-ups to take them to their next level. After all, small actions can make a big difference.

Koti is run by a small team of energetic and driven individuals who are relentless in the pursuit of excellent delivery.
We love what we do and have fun while doing it! We are very easy going and genuinely care about you our clients and suppliers.

We look forward to meeting and serving you

Portia Gumede
Founder, Chief Koti
Florence Gumede
Procurement maKoti
Percy Gumede
Supply Chain Mkhwenyana
Mayenziwe Gumede
Marketing and Branding Koti

Finance Partner - Original Accounting

Design Partner - Artistic Soul

Brand & Design Partner - Arc Design Studio

Website Partner - Bluesky Solutions